Sunday, 15 December 2013

Random Thoughts-Digital Citizenship

Some random things...

Particle Physics

After watching a National Geographic documentary about the Large Hadron Collider, I decided to have a look at this guy, MinutePhysics.
From the video, I learnt that the Higgs Boson could complete the 'Standard Model' (Explained in the video)
Next, the Boson could be key to greater understanding of the Universe
Last but not least, I learnt that the Boson was the last piece of the Standard Model to be discovered experimentally.

Places I like to go to in Singapore

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Now, let me talk a little about one particular location that I like to go to-Jurong Point.

I have been going to Jurong Point since I was, quite literally, a baby. Over there, I can find a wide array of shops and restaurants. Some places that I like to go to include Popular, Make Shake, McDonald's and Pet's Station.

Hello everyone. I am Yong Ziab. Here is a little about me.

First, my family. I am the eldest of the three. I am also a target for my brothers' annoyance. I rarely speak, but once something interesting springs up in conversation or discussion, I talk. A lot more. My parents are usually very busy, whereas my two brothers are taking any opportunity to disturb me while my grandparents try to tell them not to. My two brothers will go to the same primary school, with one becoming P3 and the other P1,  in a few weeks. My grandparents live not too far away, around the Bukit Panjang area. They are usually at my home during weekdays to help my domestic helper out a little. During the weekends, they will usually go home.

Now, for my pets.

As far as I could tell from books, I have two Russian hamsters. One has white fur all over while the other has a black stripe down its back that fades into grey towards the sides. For reasons only hamsters would know, there is an extreme size and personality difference between the two. The one with white fur being chubby and shy while the one with the black stripe is skinny- to the point of feeling its bones- and being territorial, resulting in most of my instances of getting bitten by a rodent with teeth that never stop growing. Ouch.

Last but not least, what my hobbies are.

  • When I am bored
  1. Sleep 
  2. Read
  3. Read till I sleep
  4. Go online
  5. Do nothing 
  6. Watch my pet hamsters run about
  7. Tune in to National Geographic Channel
  • When I am busy
  1. Scream at my brothers for annoying me.
  2. If the task is online, I will find a playlist and listen to it as I do my stuff
  • On normal days
  1. Tune in to the news(9:30)
  2. Read the newspapers
  3. Help a little with housework
  4. And the list of what I do when I am bored
After reading this, I hope that you have learnt a little about me. See you soon!